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We will use the word RV to include: RV's, 5th wheels, Trailers, and Campers.  Up to 45 foot RV spots available. Full hook up sites (Power, Water, and Sewer) with 50/30/20 amp power service available.  Our median price ($89) is listed when making a reservation, however notate the size of your RV for correct pricing (this will be changed later).  0-19' RV $59; 20-25' RV $69; 26-34' RV $79; 35-40' RV $89; 41'+RV $99 (when making a reservation, notate the RV, 5th wheel, trailer, or camper size,  as the price can go up or down depending upon the RV size.  Some sites as notated below, are of smaller size and will be noted as such.)  Prime lake spot  RV 40 is $139. 

Notice: Other than certain spots, sometimes without notice, the actual number of your spot will not match the site booked.  This happens at times when booking glitches occur, Example:  After reserving site 34, you may show up and be assigned to RV 32 or 37 (which will be comparable and give the same size, power, and sewer accommodations, but just moved slightly.  This happens rarely, and it is usually beyond our ability to control and for groups we try to keep groups together.  This likely hood is around 1%, however it has happened so we like to have this mentioned so that there is no surprises.  

RV Spots

Mountainside RVs


Tent Camp Sites


Lakeside RVs


Creekside RVs



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