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5 Bed: Up to 10 People

Two Bed Units vary in size, style, and price.  Some units are similar to regular small hotel/motel rooms, Some are stand alone cabins, while others are larger and more spacious.  Two bed units range from 2 doubles (full xl or same length as a queen but 6 inches less width) or two queen beds.  Some have privacy between the beds,  the beds are in the same room in other units.  Two bed units have a mixture of amenities within, some with microwave and fridge, others with small full kitchens.  Basic units do not have fireplaces and dining table as some of the deluxe units have.  While all but one of our two bed units have bathrooms, a couple have larger space for handicapped access.  One of our two bed units is a camp cabin KOA style.  This particular unit is set up for campers who experience tent or weather issues, and they throw their sleeping bag on the beds in this cabin.  This unit is pet friendly (+$20), and we have public restrooms and showers (coin operated) for people to use in this cabin.



Plex/Unit 12

Hotel room near Yellowstone National Park.

Condo 4

Motel room on Henry's Lake. Great for fishing!

Plex/Unit 13

Motel room on Henry's Lake. Near West Yellowstone

A-Frame 1

Currently Under Remodel


Condo 2

Hotel room 15 minutes away from Yellowstone.

A-Frame 2

Motel room on Henry's Lake. Great for fishing!

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