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About Henry's Lake

A Fisherman's Paradise in Island Park, Idaho

Sign post telling about Henry's Lake

Sunset on Henry's LakeLooking across Henry's Lake Henry's Lake was named in honor of the famous early historic trapper Andrew Henry.  Henry's Lake is located in the northeastern corner of Idaho and is surrounded by the Centennial Mountains on the Continental Divide.  Located among the tall spruce trees of the north lakeshore is the Jared's Wild Rose Ranch Resort.  Jared's Wild Rose Ranch Resort provides luxury accommodations for trophy fishermen, snowmobile enthusiasts, and tourists.

Map of Henry's Lake

During the early days and until the late 1970's Henry's Lake had been strictly a fly fishing lake.  However, other methods were being introduced (i.e. bait, pop gear, spinners) which puzzled local guides.  Some purists still argue that flies are the surest and best way to catch fish on Henry's Lake.

Utah Fishing & Outdoors magazine highlighting Henry's LakeHenry's Lake has been the birthplace of  many fishing tales -- both fact and fiction.  The Idaho State Record for the largest brook trout was caught from the lake in 1978 (fact not fiction).  Due to the abundant fishing resources of this lake, it was used as a commercial fishery for the gold mines of Montana in the early 1900's.

Henry's is a shallow lake only about 20 feet deep at the deepest.  There are several holes in which fishing is best during the spring, early summer, and fall.  In mid/late summer the moss gets high and fishing is best near the springs and creeks where the cooler water feeds into the lake.

Fishing Holes on Henry's Lake

Fishing Areas of Henry's Lake

  1. North Shore
  2. Stump Hole
  3. Wild Rose Hybrid Hole
  4. Stecker Hole
  5. Staley Springs
  6. County Boat Dock
  7. Hybrid Hole # 2
  8. Blue Roof Hole
  9. Targhee Creek
  10. A-Frame Bay
  11. Duck Creek/Websters
  12. Jerry Cobb Hole
  13. Hope Creek (Willows)
  14. Howard Creek
  15. Goose Bay (Outlet)
  16. Timber Creek

Read a couple of excellent articles on Fishing Henry's Lake and Henry's Fork in Game & Fish Magazine and Utah Out Doors.