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Fishing on Henry's Lake, Island Park, Idaho


Henry's Lake Fishing Guide (PDF File)

Henry's Lake Fishing Repoers on our blog

Opening Day on Henry's Lake

Preston Kline (Billings)
9.5 pound - 27 Inch - Cutthroat
Near Fish Hatchery with a Worm

Mark Hammer (Rexburg)
13 Pound - 31 Inch - Hybrid
Hole 3 with a Worm






Congratulation to Vic Deboer
who started the day 7/6/06
with a little 8 lbs 2 oz fish
and ended the day with a nice
13 lbs 9 oz one.

Way to go Vic!

A Nice Brook
Trout at almost
5 pounds

A couple of nice fish
from the week of
July fourth 2006

Opening Day
May 27, 2006

Just a small collection



Read what the May 2006 Idaho Fish & Game News has to say about Henry's Lake for the coming fishing season.

Even before the white men first site there eyes on Henry's Lake and the surrounding lands, the waters of Henry's Lake, Henry's Outlet, and Henry's Fork of the Snake River, already provided an abundant supply of fish to several Native American Tribes that would summer in the area.

During the US Calvary's Action against Chief Joseph and his tribe of Nez Perce, The Army setup a base camp at Staley Springs where they provided fresh fish to those involved in the chase.  Later trout from Henry's Lake would be harvested and shipped across the country via rail.

Today Henry's Lake provides the experience angler, as well as the first time fisherman the opportunity of a life time.  With an abundance of trophy size trout, including holding the Idaho State Record for largest brook trout.  Henry's Lake Fish Hatchery provides stock fish throughout the state of Idaho.  It is estimated that there are some 1.2 million catchable size trout in this small lake.  It is not unusual to see twelve plus pound Hybrid or five plus pound Brook Trout pulled from the lake to adorn some lucky anglers walls becoming their ultimate Fish Tale.

Though the quality of fishing drop with the water level during the drought we have experienced over the last several years, the summer of 2005 saw a return of the old Henry's as water levels returned to more then 90% of normal.  This year the lake is nearly full, the Henry's Lake Fish Hatchery is reporting record numbers of large fish coming in to spawn, and for the first time since the drought begin,  we see large quantities of trout going up our creek to spawn in the small pond above the resort.

I first experienced Henry's Lake some ten years ago when the owner offered to bring me here and show me what I had been missing all these years.  I must admit that I am not much of a fisherman, true as a youth my father use to take me out to drowned a few worms, but we never caught much of anything, at least nothing we would admit to.  Over the years I have gone fishing a few times, but catching was something that seemed to elude me.  So the idea of going on a fishing trip was not something that filled me with excitement.  But I love the outdoors, have always enjoyed traveling and seeing new places, so Unaware of what was to come, I joined my friend on my first trip to Idaho, Island Park, and Henry's Lake. 

We arrived at Jared's Wild Rose Ranch Resort just before Memorial Day Weekend which I was to discover was opening weekend for fishing.  Before we even tried our skill, or in my case blind luck, on the lake, the trip was already a winner in my eyes as I had seen Antelope, Elk, Moose, and even a Wolverine  no mater how the fishing went this would be a trip to remember.

Saturday morning, opening day of fishing on Henry's Lake, and my first opportunity to make a complete fool of myself.  As I have already stated, I am not much of a fisherman, but I know my friend was an avid angler.  Mac trolls with flies using a sinking or lead core line.  For my first experience we used the Wild Rose Special fly.  we were out on the lake for only 1 1/2 hours, but in that time we caught and released 18 fish.  Several times we both had fish on our lines at the same time.  By the end of the weekend I was feeling PRETTY  GOOD with myself.  Of course when I was to come back later on my own, my luck was not as good as it was the first time, But still in one day of fishing on Henry's lake I caught more fish then I ever had before in my life.